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That which does not kill us makes us stronger!

Friedrich Nietzsche

We have to develop a far different attitude to the Martial Arts than the 'sportsmen'; this has to be not only a physical discipline but also a Spiritual Discipline. There has to be a combination of the Exoteric Martial Arts and the Esoteric Martial Arts. The Way of the Warrior is based upon the education and training into the Warrior Arts as a way of life and not as a 'sport' for 'competition', nor as a hobby. This is how it was originally, with the individual training until he became a 'master' and then he would take on a pupil or 'apprentice' to whom he taught the arts he had learned. In some cases what was learned was then altered in some ways through new ideas, and above all throwing out what did not work well. 

What we are doing is all part of the Ar-Kan Rune Lag, an English Runic System from which we are developing a kind of Tai Chi based upon runic-postures. This system has within it the use of stretching, exercise and deep-breathing methods together with slow movement. In time this will be built into a working system of the Martial Arts taking what we can from other disciplines, and working them into this unique English Warrior Arts. The use of Tai Chi may perhaps be questioned, but this has its origins in a very efficient Chinese Martial Arts. Everything should be done very slowly at first, speed can be developed afterwards when the techniques are right. So this method is really more efficient than merely ploughing into the work of speed and power. Indeed, using the latter method has its problems since when we speed things up we tend to make mistakes, and in doing so it is very hard to correct these mistakes. Repetition is the key to the Warrior Arts, but it also has the problem of when we do things over and over again, when we use speed and power, there is a tendency to make that small erro, and in doing so our 'memory-muscle' tends to ensure that we continue to make this mistake and it is then hard to correct. 

When we undertake the Way of the Warrior it must become a way of life, a way to build an alternative lifestyle; it must serve as the means to attaining a Higher State of Consciousness. This involves the esoteric side of the discipline, a side which produces the Cultic Warrior who is taking upon himself a Spiritual Discipline in order to evolve spiritually as well as physically. The East has always been the centre of meditation and the aesthetic, whereas the Greeks and then the Romans were much more materialistic; it is a fact that the Germanic Folk of Europe had much more of a balance of the physical and spiritual, thus combining the two into a whole. It is our aim to create a balance of opposites within our being.