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Our training seeks to create a harmonious balance within the human mind; today's society centres around the use of the 'left-brain' or 'logical brain' which is limiting to a great extent. The 'right-brain' is almost closed off in most people, but this is the 'intuitive' side of the human brain. With the decline in the use of this side most people also lose any 'common sense', even though they may appear to be 'intellectual'. The ideal would be a balance of the left-brain and right-brain, thus creating a harmonious relationship between the two sides. To do so the 'right-brain' has to be the subject of training, and this can be done through special training in the Martial Arts.

The right-brain - this is where the inspiration and creativity stems from, where the artist and the poet get their inspiration from. We today do not see the warrior as a poet, or the poet as a warrior, and yet as late as the times of the Vikings the warrior was also often a poet. The 'fighter' and the 'intellectual' are today seen as separate entities, indeed, each normally looks down upon the other; how much better would it be to create the Intelligent Warrior, the individual who was not only a 'fighter' but a 'thinker'. 

In today's world the martial arts is seen as a sport, for competition, but this was certainly not the case when these were developed in various different areas of the world. Just a quick look at Kung Fu or Karate will show how they developed parallel with some form of spiritual discipline such as Buddhism. They were thus not, like today, there to develop the physical body alone, but to develop body, mind and spirit together. 

The balance of Light and Darkness within the individual is the aim of our work; to create a harmony within the individual. This has to work on the body, the mind, and the spirit, and this entails training in -

  • Physical Fitness for the body, essential for good health and also for a healthy mind too ('A healthy body means a healthy mind' is the saying). This not only entails exercise but also what we eat and drink, and the lifestyle that we lead. 
  • Development of the Mind. Like everything else the mind will gradually atrophe if it is not used and developed; this is the same with the body, and we see this clearly in the quality of the people here in England today. Look around and see this degeneration for yourself - and then make it your goal to rise above this. My mother died at the age of 101 but she kept her mind agile until the very end; she did this through doing word-puzzles and the like, which 'exercises' the mind. Of course, this is not the only way, and indeed not the way we need to look at this since we need to 'exercise' both sides of the brain through working with both intellect (left) and intuition (right). In regard to this we need only recall the famous saying from George Orwell's  Nineteen Eighty-Four - 'Ignorance is Strength' - which means that the State System requires the masses to be ignorant and thus more easily controlled. Knowledge means freedom. 
  • Spiritual Exercises - here we have to develop our education and training around the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag System which embraces our Ancient Runes but also a new Warrior Training in both the exoteric and esoteric Warrior Arts. This Runic System will be developed through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag blog which is on Google Blogger. 


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The balance of Light & Darkness we see as the balance of Fire and Ice in our Runic Lore - of movement & action (Fire) and of stillness and contemplation (Ice). This actually relates to the idea of the Left-Brain/Right-Brain theme since 'contemplation' also embraces the idea of meditation, and it is known that the basic action is triggered by a chemical called serotonin which is produces in the darkness

The Edel-Rune or Odal-Rune shown here is made up of the balance of Light and Darkness; two Sieg-Runes facing each other. It is the 'White Sun' and the 'Black Sun' in balance and harmony. The Edel-Rune represents the concept of Blood & Soil which is the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. This is the link between Man and Nature.