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It is essential that a holistic approach is made to this training program, a program for the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. It is thus essential that the teachings are both exoteric (physical) and esoteric (in the sense of 'inner'), and both have to be incorporated into the training. 

Exoteric - When we are young this is the way we go in the Warrior Arts; young people (and young men especially) like to have a 'ruck' now and again, it gets rid of the aggression too. Thus perhaps 80% of the training for young peope is in the exoteric field. This is natural, but there is a need today to incorporate a more esoteric approach since the Martial Arts has become little more than a 'sport'. In ancient times every culture had its Warrior Arts Training for the young men (mostly) within what is called the Mannerbund. Within this age-set the young men we trained as warriors, not only at a physical level but at a spiritual level, since these were Cultic Warrior-Bands. 

Esoteric - When we get older we begin to take a more esoteric approach, since the body ages and gets weaker so hard physical training can do more harm than good. Here there is a need for something more akin to the Tai Chi which is slower and less physically hard and not based upon strength but on Inner Power. This is the normal approach, but in  reality even when we are younger we would benefit by a balance of exoteric-esoteric levels which would certainly increase our strength and power drastically.